About the Company

Soft-logic was established in 2008 and the company specializes in developing software products for payment systems, payment centers and banks.
The company’s mission is to introduce innovative payment solutions in various industries, in the financial sector, and to develop and deploy integrated solutions, namely, Pay-logic Processing Center, SmartKeeper, and Pay-logic Billing Center. Our experts are professionals in their field and have vast experience and solid expertise in developing commercial products.

At present, Soft-logic solutions are used in more than 70 commercial projects in Russia and other countries abroad.

Payment platform Pay-logic Processing Center is the company’s flagship product. This software package is designed for service providers to accept payments through payment terminals, personal computers, pos terminals, mobile devices and via the Internet.

Soft-logic is today an independent and dynamic company that specializes in the development of integrated payment solutions.

Most of the company’s professionals have been working in this field since the early 2000’s with the inception of the terminal business in Russia.

Our knowledge and experience gained in the field of payment solutions, our staff of highly qualified experts, as well as our reputation as a developer of high-quality software solutions make Soft-logic a reliable partner that offers high-quality solutions in the financial sector.


Release of payment platform Pay-Logic Processing Center, v1.0. Deployment of development methodologies (SCRUM) and testing methodologies.

2010 Access to the international market. Launching of projects in Ukraine and Nicaragua. Telecom solution powered by the Pay-logic Processing Center platform.
2011 The company’s workforce doubled. SmartKeeper and SmartStream products released. Continuing expansion in the international market.
2012 Access to the banking market. Support for banking hardware. Operations with international bank cards. Pay-logic Billing Center released.
  • Alexander Vorobyov Alexander Vorobyov
    The company’s founder, leading developer
  • Vladimir Ekshibarov Vladimir Ekshibarov
    The company’s founder, CTO
  • Pavel Kushner Pavel Kushner
    The company’s Director
  • Dmitry Fedotov Dmitry Fedotov
    International Development Director
Senior Java programmer:
Knowledge of J2EE technology (JSP / Servlets, JSF, JPA)
Knowledge of OOP in Java (Java SE, JDBC, JSP+JSTL, Servlets, JSF, Hibernate)
Experience working with multi-threaded applications
Java programmer:
Knowledge of Java programming language.
Knowledge of Spring framework or a similar framework.
Experience working with databases.
Android and iPhone developer:
Development of applications for Android and iOS platforms
Knowledge of java (jdbc, swing, multi-threading and etc) will be a big advantage.
Programmer (JavaScript + Html):
Development of web applications.
Knowledge of JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery;
Knowledge of HTML (including the basis of HTML 5) and CSS;
Please send your CVs to: info@soft-logic.ru