Integration of Fujitsu F53/F56 dispensers in the self-service devices based on Pay-logic software


Integration of Fujitsu F53/F56 dispensers in the self-service devices based on Pay-logic software

The choice of components in self-service devices is an important objective in the organization of business in the field of automation payment reception, currency-exchange operations, dispense of prepaid cards, etc. The cash dispenser is one of the basic components in self-service devices of a multifunctional terminal solution. The requirements for dispenser dimensions, safety and speed of dispensing, capacity of cassettes, variation in the used size of the bills, equipment reliability are mandatory in the process of selecting and eventually may be key factor.

Soft-logic company announces the integration of Fujitsu brand dispensers in its own solutions based on the Pay-logic software. Models Fujitsu F53 and F56 are available for implementation and full exploitation.


Fujitsu F53 and F56 do not go beyond the budget devices, while they have a number of competitive features - it is compact, reliable and modern from a technological and constructive point of view.

Fujitsu F53 provides a billing issue, includes 2 cassettes, each with a capacity of up to 500 notes, with an optional increase up to 6 cassettes. Counting speed of banknotes is 2 banknotes per second. Features of the device include a flexible increase in the number of denominations. The presence of the sensor "low balance of notes in the cassette", fixed for 40 banknotes in each cassette. A sensor that allows to set the denomination of banknotes in the cassette. Prediction of possible failures. Optional feature - cassettes with a lock. Firmware upload. Functional for rejecting a useless banknote in the box for rejected banknotes, with a capacity of up to 20 notes.

Fujitsu F56 is a variant of F53 with the ability to dispense stack of banknotes. Unlike F53, access for maintenance is possible not only from the front and back sides, but also from both sides, optional setting of the shutter is possible.

Integration and application of new models of devices allows to expand the variability of devices for cash withdrawal in the sphere of currency-exchange operations, loans, purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies and many others. The compactness, reliability and security of the integrated dispensers allows the organization of new business solutions based on automated payment acceptance.

We regularly expand the range of supported devices. Fujitsu F53 and F56 offer many features that are usually realized only in expensive models of dispensers. If there is a need from our partners and potential customers, we are always ready to provide consultations and work on integration of the requested peripheral devices.

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