Released new version of Processing center – 4.7.0


Released new version of Processing center – 4.7.0

1. In the section "Points - Mass change of menu" on the "Changes of menu items" tab, added a display of the currency unit profile for the menu item in the search results and the ability to change it to another.

2. In the section "Agent - Points - Turnover of the points by hours", the "Show the number of operations" filter parameter is added. If the parameter is set, then in the same cell with the sum, "Number of transactions" is displayed, separated from the sum by the "/" symbol.

The ability to upload the generated report to Excel is added - to do this, click the "Unload in Excel" button. If the "Upload to Excel: xlsx" format is selected in the "Different - Interface Settings" section for the user who uploads the report, the report will be uploaded in xlsx format. It is possible to disable uploading in Excel for any user role, except for the Administrator of Payment System, by setting the checkbox "Block list/table uploading" in the role properties. The ability to send a report to the mail to one or several users is added. To do this, click the button "Send to email" and enter the e-mail addresses separated by comma ",".

3. The ability to send the following reports to the email is added:

  • Agent - Points – Terminals cash collection;
  • Agent - Points - Turnover of points by the hour;
  • Agent - Cash - Cash in terminals;
  • Dispatch - Search for payment;
  • Monitoring - Terminal downtime;
  • All reports from the section "Agent - Arbitrary reports".

Depending on the user's choice, the report can be sent in .xsl or .csv format.

In order to send a report to the email:

  1. Go to the section, corresponding to the report you want to send;
  2. Set the filter parameters and click the "Generate" button;
  3. Check that the generated report matches your request and click "Send to E-mail" button. If the report does not match your request, change the filter settings and click "Generate" button, and then click the "Send to E-mail" button;
  4. At the open window for selection of the e-mail address, place the mouse cursor in the "Address" field or click the icon . To select the available addresses, which are specified in the delivery addresses of users of the system. If the required address is not in the list - you can specify it manually. It is possible to specify several addresses in the field, which need to be separated by a comma ",";
  5. Select the format of the report for sent: .xls or .csv.
  6. Click "Send" button.

4. The mechanism of automatic requests for cash collection has been developed. Main feature of the mechanism – the terminal in the process of its work collect data about percentage of fullness of boxes, and the functionality of requests for collection processes this information and, as the specified threshold of fullness of boxes is reached, dispatches to collectors linked to certain points, messages that it is necessary to schedule visit for procedure of cash collection of terminals. In the system, these applications are marked as processed automatically, upon receiving of a message from a point about the need for collection, that requiring cash collection.

In version 4.7.0 for the mechanism of automatic requests for cash collection made the following functionality:

  1. Added the ability to enter multiple role codes separated by commas in the "Role code" Collector " system parameter. Added the ability to specify the addresses for these users, which will be using for the "Cash collection requests".
  2. Added service groups for the possibility of specifying the relationship of groups of terminals with groups of collectors.
  3. On the "Points - Point’s parameters" page of the point parameters on the "Cash collection parameters" tab, the "Box filling threshold for automatic creation of a cash collection request" field was added. Valid values - not specified, the number from 50 to 95.
  4. Implemented information handler:
  • For boxes and their capacity;
  • For the number of bills in the boxes at the current moment;
  • For the threshold of fullness for the creation of a request for collection.

The handler creates new requests for cash collection as the boxes are filled in the process of accepting money.

5. Implemented a handler, which finds cash collection not linked to cash collection requests, links cash collection with requests and changes the status of the relevant requests to "Processed".

6. Added events:

1) The request for collection has been created;

2) It is impossible to create a request for collection - cash-collectors missing or not configured.

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