Released new version of Processing center – 4.7.1


Released new version of Processing center – 4.7.1

1. On the "Hot keys" tab of the "Points – Points" point’s edit page, the ability to add inactive services and services with the "Hide in filters" flag is disabled.

2. The status "Active, unlocked manually" is added to the life cycle of the change cards. Сards are transferred in the status when manually unlocking in the processing back-office.

3. Added section "Agent - Points - Requests for cash collection". Viewing is available to the Payment system administrator and users with access rights: "Menu - Agent - Points - Requests for cash collection", "Agent - Requests for cash collection - View".

Users with access rights "Agent - Requests for cash collection - View", "Agent - Requests for cash collection - Management of requests for cash collection" are available to create and manage requests for collection, as well as the "Parameters" button.

The section is used to manage the collection requests generated by the system when filling the bill/coin acceptor boxes over the specified maximum threshold, as well as manually creating a collection request for a point. When creating a request for a point, requests creating for each device of the point (Bill acceptor, Coin acceptor, Bill dispenser, Coin dispenser).

In order to enable the generation engine of collection requests, it is necessary to select “Generate collection requests” option on the “Payment system” tab in the “Directories - System settings” section and launch a special gateway.

You can also control the state of the “Generate collection requests” checkbox on the “Agent - Points - Collection requests” page using the “Parameters” button if the user has the “Agent - Collection requests - Requests management” right.

4. Added the ability to temporarily block a user from the “Agent - Users - Users” page. The button is available if you have the “Agent - Users - Change” right. When press a button, there will open modal window in which it is possible either to specify the day and time until the user will be blocked, or the blocking interval with options of 30 minutes, 1 hour, 5 hours, day. When you select an interval in the "Block until" field, the date and time will be automatically enter. When a user attempts to log in, the system checks the server time and the blocking time. If the blocking time has passed, then user will be authorized. Checking the time making after checking the login and password and a sign of complete blocking. If the blocking time has not passed, then a message with the error "The ability to login is temporarily blocked until " is displayed.

5. On the user edit page “Agent - Users - Users” the ability to add additional user roles has been added. The list of additional user roles may be empty or contain an unlimited number of other roles that do not coincide with the main role.

Access rights are processed as follows:

  • If an access right is not established or prohibited for a certain role, but there is another role to which the access right is established, then it is considered that the user has the access right.
  • If an access right is denied for a certain role, and the same access right is established for another role, then the access right is considered to be denied to the user.

If user change the main role, he can’t change it to a role that is in the list of additional roles.

6. On the "Providers - Settlements with providers" page added the ability to select an arbitrary month and year in the filter.

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