Released new version of Processing center – 4.7.3


Released new version of Processing center – 4.7.3

1. In the “Points - Cash desk profiles” section, the checkbox “Automatically transfer new payments” is added. When set to “Yes”, if there is a permanent connection to the payment server, payments will be transfer automatically. If “No”, payments transfer at the user's request when click the “Connect to server to transfer payments or update directories” button in the “Cashier Payment Point” application. If the value “Set by the cashier” is set, the cashier sets by himself the value of the parameters on the “Payment processing” tab in the Cashier Payment Point settings.

2. In the section “Directories - Security - Roles”, the checkbox “Disable the limit for uploading lists/tables” has been added. If the box is checked, then the users of the role without the “Payment system user” checkbox will be able to upload the same amount of data as Payment system users.

3. For copy of the pdf receipt added the withdrawal of the payment source in the backoffice $ operation.paymentTool.

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