Released new version of Processing center – 4.7.4


Released new version of Processing center – 4.7.4

1. In the properties of the agent in the section "Agent - Agents" the checkbox "Developer mode" is added. Only users with the “Development Tools - Agent - Developer Mode” access right can manage the status of the checkbox.

2. On the pages “Monitoring - Hardware status”, “Monitoring - Hardware status 2”, “Monitoring - Detailed hardware status” the column “Number of connections” is added — it displays the number of connections kiosk has with the server in the current hour. The connection counter is reset every hour. If the number of connections per hour has exceeded 500, then the system generates the event "A large number of attempts to connect to the server".

3. Optimized the section “Agent - Money transfers”. The “Agent - Money Transfer” and “Agent — Auto refill queue” pages are available in the section.

4. Processing of the Action element with the “screenaction” type in scripts, loaded into the back office has been added. The Action element with the “screenaction” type assumes the execution of commands at the moment of switching from another screen and drawing the current screen. At the time of the processing of the action, the other buttons on the screen are not available, but, inactivity of the buttons is not noticeable for the payer, since the commands are processed quickly. If in the “screensection” was no changes to another screen, canceling or exiting from the script, the current screen will be redrawn. Therefore, the set values of the variables will be available on this screen.

5. In the “Cash collection options” tab of the “Points - Points settings” page, the “Immediate blocking when removing the stacker” parameter has been added. If the checkbox is checked, when receiving a stack removal event from the bill acceptor, kiosk will be blocked immediately after passing the cash collection dialogs, if they are set up and there is no transition to the service menu. If the dialogs are not configured, kiosk will be blocked immediately. If there was a transition to the service menu, then kiosk is blocked immediately after exiting it. Restoration of work occurs after the return of the stacker at it’s place (frequency of testing is 2 seconds). Without the checkbox, the delay before blocking is 3.5 minutes.

6. On the “Basic Settings” tab of the page for editing the report sending schedule, in the “Providers - Report schedule” section, the “Advanced sending options” field has been added. After field is filled, it is possible to redefine all the parameters of the mailing and only a few of it individually.

In order to redefine all global parameters, in the field “Advanced sending parameters” need to specify and the values of all global parameters.

If you need to redefine the value of only one parameter, then do not need to specify the parameter, need to specify only new values of the replaced parameters, for example

7. On the page “Agent - Cash collections - Requests for cash collection”, when creating request for cash collection, the ability to select boxes for creating request has been added.

Functional in the process of developing:

Functionality to refill agent accounts from various payment instruments is being developed. This version has the following changes:

1. On the “System parameters” tab of the “Directories - System parameters” page, the field “Refill services using external tools” has been added.

Functionality for working with different VAT rates is being developed. This version has the following changes:

1. Added directory of tax rates “Directories - Taxes - Tax rates”. Directory browsing is available to users with the access right “Menu - Directories - Taxes”. Directory is part of the system - it stores tax rates for comparison with suppliers and implementations of cash register drivers.

2. The “Tax rate” parameter and the ability to specify the tax mode for the section № (department) have been added to the “Fiscal register settings” tab of the point parameters edit page in the “Points” section.

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