Released new version of Processing center – 4.7.5


Released new version of Processing center – 4.7.5

1. Added event types with results about device firmware update:

  • Firmware update successfully completed;
  • Error while updating device firmware.

2. The rights for access to the section "Agent - Contracts - Contracts" have been changed. Access to the section requires the "Administrator" role or role with "Payment System" flag and "Agent - Contracts for admin - View" right.

3. On the "Dispatch - Statistics on pins" page, the option "Expires before" has been added to the filter — it allows to select pins, that expire before the selected day.

4. In the section "Directories - Services - Card types" when downloading a document in csv format, the date support in the "ddMMyyyy" format is added.

5. On the pages "Points - Additional grouping 1", " Points - Additional grouping 2" added the ability to set the "Hide in filters" checkbox for groups. In the "Different - Interface settings" section, two checkboxes were added for the "Visibility settings for records" field: "Hidden additional groups 1" and "Hidden additional groups 2". By default, the checkboxes are not set - additional groupings on the pages in the drop-down lists are not displayed. If set the checkboxes "Hidden additional groups 1" and "Hidden additional groups 2" for user, then hidden additional groupings will be displayed.

6. In the section "Directories - Interfaces - Interface types", the "Orientation" field was added to the interface type properties. Possible values:

  • "Landscape" - landscape orientation of the monitor. Default value;
  • "Portrait" - portrait orientation of the monitor;
  • "Random" - can be used as a landscape, and portrait orientation of the monitor.

When updating, all existing interfaces will be set to "Landscape". In the "Advertising - Advertising spaces" section, the "Orientation" field has been added to the advertising space properties. Possible values are "Landscape", "Portrait". If the interface type is set to "Landscape" or "Portrait", then it is set for the advertising space and cannot be changed. If the value is "Random", it is possible to set any value for the advertising space. When updating, all existing advertising spaces will be set to "Landscape".

7. On the "Dispatch - Temporarily blocked providers" page the "Group by provider" checkbox has been added. When the checkbox is set, all data will be grouped by "Provider" and "Blocking reason". If, for example, one provider has two different reasons for blocking, two lines will be displayed. In addition, with this grouping, the "Number of blocks" parameter is displayed. Also added filter by unlock date.

8. A mechanism for replenishing agent accounts using external payment instruments, in particular a bank card, has been implemented. The mechanism is not included in the standard software pack and is licensed separately. In addition, each customer requires a separate implementation of integration with the card payment service or other external payment instrument.

The system introduced the concept of "Services for replenishing agent accounts from external sources", service identifiers are specified on the page "Directories - System parameters" separated by commas. One external payment instrument need to be specified for services.

To create refill operations, the section "Agent - Money transfers - Account replenishment" is added. The section is accessible to the Payment System administrator and users with the "Menu - Agent - Account replenishment", "Agent - Account replenishment - View" access rights. To create a refill operation, the access rule "Agent - Account replenishment - Create refill operation" is necessary. The page displays only those agents that are available to the current person.

When creating transfer, need to fill in the following data:

  • Agent - account of which need to be refilled;
  • Service - from among those listed in the parameter "Services for replenishing agent accounts from external sources";
  • Payment form - the form must be preloaded for the service;
  • Amount of auto refill.

When click the "Refill account" button, there is request execute to the gateway for processing to the specified service with its payment instrument. As a result of processing, an entry is created on the "Agent - Money transfers — Auto refill queue" page with reference to the replenishment operation or it can be redirected to specified page.

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