Implementation of Pay-logic Processing center at MTS Belarus


Implementation of Pay-logic Processing center at MTS Belarus

In February 2018, Mobile TeleSystems PJSC - largest cellular operator in Belarus, which provides services under the MTS brand, announced a tender for implementation of a new self-service terminal management system.

According to the tender results, Soft-logic company was declared the winner and Pay-logic Processing center was chosen as the most suitable solution for MTS tasks.

The first stage of implementation was the time-consuming process of approving business and functional requirements, as well as drafting the technical task by the specialists of Soft-logic company together with a large team of customer. According to the formed requirements and extended improvements, the final integration include following functionality:

1. Self-service kiosks for MTS sale offices, accepting payment for mobile payments, Internet, billing for services. Additionally service for payment of goods is supported, allowing customers to make payments, for example, for the purchase of a cell phone - printing receipt with a QR code, reading it at the kiosk and making payment.



At the customer’s request, Soft-logic company implemented a modern branded interface that corresponds most closely to the MTS company's brand book. Interaction with the kiosk combines intuitiveness, simplicity and minimal actions for the client. Kiosks fully support payment by bank cards, by cash and coins.

2. Payment dividing mechanism has been implemented, it allows splitting the inserted amount for any services. The client is free to divide the amount, while transferring the remaining funds from the sharing or change at any account.



If the client has divided the money, which was inserted into the kiosk and transferred part of the amount to pay for services, but for some reason did not use all the balance, kiosk will automatically transfer the balance to the last details provided by the customer, or will deposit it to demand account for payment in future.

3. Integration with customer-side billing system has been implemented, all data transferred in online.

4. Integration with Control device of tax authorities, analogue of the Fiscal storage in the territory of Belarus is carried out. Information about all operations is transferred to the tax authorities in online.

5. Specifically for MTS Belarus, Soft-logic specialists have developed a functional of cash collection requests for an external cash collection service. For convenience and efficiency of the cash collectors, the processing system generates a file containing information about the need to collect cash from the point, according to the percentage of fullness of boxes or a specified time interval or date and is transferred to the external cash collection service.

6. Considering the peculiarities of the organizational structure of MTS Belarus has been reworked the existing functionality of access rights to the system. Now one user can use several roles. Due to the revised logic, one employee can be cashier, dispatcher or technician, provide monitoring at the same time.

«Payment processing at MTS Belarus is a very promising project, besides the existing payments and MTS own services, there is also the prospect of launching third-party providers, all developments for this integration already exist and functionality is implemented. At the moment, connection of new providers is only a legal process on the side of the customer, which will be completed in the near future», - said Vitaly Kostetsky, Soft-logic head of implementation department.

At the same time, the customer shows interest in the existing functionality of promotional codes in self-service kiosks based on Pay-logic. There are prospects for the implementation of this functionality through the plastic scratch cards.

The choice of MTS Belarus in favor of Soft-logic software products allowed providing end-users with modern automated services - updated stylish interface for self-service payment kiosks, ability to pay not only for services, but also for any goods in the sale offices via a QR code, payment dividing functionality. For the Soft-logic company it has not become a problem to adapt the business processes associated with the transfer of payment data in accordance with the requirements of the Belarusian tax authorities.

Dmitry Pomelov, MTS Belarus head of the payment acceptance system development department, said: «At the beginning of 2018, our self-service kiosk management system no longer fulfill the conditions of modern requirements. We needed to bring to modern standards not only the client part of the kiosk software, but also the implementation of new technical functionality, features that will improve the overall range of services and also provide an opportunity to increase the number of modules, providers, and allow to freely expand the complex following by the growth of our company. The choice of Mobile TeleSystems PJSC in favor of Soft-logic software solutions allowed us to solve a number of key issues in the field of receiving payments through self-service kiosks, allowed us to provide a reliable, high-quality level of service for our customers and increase overall competitiveness in the Belarus market» .

Vladimir Ekshibarov, head of Soft-logic company, said: «For our company, this is not the first implementation of this scale. It is worth noting that the key condition for choosing in our favor is not only our technological capabilities, experience of implemented projects, systematic approach at all stages of integration, but also a further analysis of the prospects for the development of the system in the region, assessment of potential possibilities and the use of functionality flexibility in practice. We are pleased to have the opportunity to take part in such large-scale and significant project, which was carried out with high quality and within time frame».

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