The project «Single balance» for Megafon and Atlaspay e-wallet on the basis of SmartKeeper


The project «Single balance» for Megafon and Atlaspay e-wallet on the basis of SmartKeeper

There is often a situation on the market when providers of various services and organizations charging for this services are strive to combine their financial base and technical capabilities to provide the customer a single account with the ability to refill and pay for services in any direction.

Soft-logic company announces the implementation of the "Single balance" project (also known as "Mobile operator account mirroring") - supplementing the functionality of the SmartKeeper e-wallet platform, which allows to combine the e-wallet balance and mobile phone account balance into a single balance.


The project was implemented in Tajikistan for the Atlaspay e-wallet, created on the basis of SmartKeeper, in partnership with Megafon mobile operator. The function is available for Atlaspay clients in the mobile application and in the web version of the e-wallet.

Key principle of the “Acount mirroring” project is "balance of the wallet = balance of the phone number".

At the same time, e-wallet user gets the advantage: funds on the mobile phone account are available for spending when paying for services via the e-wallet. This can be any services available to pay using e-wallet, services at the wallet, and for example, at online stores - if the online store provides an opportunity to pay for goods and services with an e-wallet.

When refill a mobile phone account, user's balance also increases and because of account is mirrored - all this balance is immediately available for spending and can be used via e-wallet. When refill the wallet situation is the same: the entire amount of refill is reflected in the wallet and on the balance of the mobile phone. Refilling the wallet, you can use the balance for communication, minutes, the Internet and conversely.

On the technical side, the implementation is a direct integration with the billing system of the mobile operator.

When connect the service, the positive balance on the account of the e-wallet is transferred to the account of the mobile operator, and the wallet is transferred in a mode of mirroring. With each access to the balance, the system executes calls to the billing of the mobile operator and thus ensures the availability of funds. When making a payment in the wallet, funds are reserved and written off from the account of the mobile operator directly at he’s billing.


The "Single balance" service can be turned off at any time, while the funds remain on the balance of the number at the mobile operator, and communication with the billing of the cellular operator is disconnected, and after shutdown the wallet is refilled and functions independently. Disconnection is possible both via the wallet and using the phone, by sending a ussd command to the mobile operator.

Request for the implementation of such functionality in Atlaspay, in partnership with Megafon is conditioned by the desire to provide a quality multifunctional service for existing customers, attract new users, increase competitiveness and strengthen positions in the market.

We are pleased to apply the existing experience and instruments on the basis of SmartKeeper for a project of this scale. We hope that users of Atlaspay and Megafon appreciated the new features of the system. We are ready to use the "Single account" in already implemented e-wallets of our customers, as well as to the further application of the entire software package in the interests of potential customers.

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