Pay-logic processing update version 5.0.5

1. On the "Monitoring — Hardware information" page, a filtering parameter "With subagents" has been added, which allows displaying kiosks of subagents of the selected agent.

2. On the page "Agent — Points — Cash collection requests" added columns "Recipients of the request", "Creation reason" and "Comment".

3. On the pages "Agent — Points — Cash collection requests", "Monitoring — Equipment status" and "Monitoring — Detailed status of equipment" when creating a request for cash collection, added the ability to specify a comment that will be displayed on the page "Agent — Points — Cash collection requests".

4. On the "Dispatch — Fraud detection — Detection rules" page, in the sections for creating and editing a detection rule, the parameter "Time interval in hours for final blocking of payment (not used by default)" has been added, which allows to automatically switch the payment to the "Error — Blocked by user" state if it is not processed by the user within the specified time interval.

5. On the "Points — Points" page in the point editing section, the following improvements have been made:

1) In the tab "Basic settings" added the parameter “Min. default filling percentage of dispenser boxes”.

2) In the tab "Cash boxes" for boxes with the "DISP MAIN" type added the ability to change the value of the "Min. percentage of filling".

6. The access rule "Dispatch — Change cards — Final blocking" has been added, which allows transferring change cards to the "Completely blocked" state without the possibility of subsequent unblocking.

7. On the page "Providers — Profit calculation" added the ability to display arbitrary properties of the provider's services. In this case, need to specify the value of the "Provider" parameter and set the "Group by services" checkbox. For selection available the properties, values of which are set for at least one service.

8. On the "Providers — Providers" page, in the provider editing section, the "Fiscal attributes of agents" tab has been added, in which it is possible to set fiscal attributes for selected agents.

9. On the page "Points — Points parameters" added the parameter "Receiving the operation ID before creating payment on the kiosk", which allows to reserve the transaction ID on the server and send it to the Kiosk software for printing on the receipt.

10. The following improvements have been made on the page "Agent — Cash — Cash in kiosks":

1) Added filtering parameter "Currency".

2) For the filtering parameter "Device" added the values "Bill dispenser", "Coin dispenser".

3) Added filtering parameter "Point".

11. On the page "References — Taxes — Agent type by calculation subject" added value "Own services".

12. On the "References — Services — Service groups" page, in the service group editing section the "Mass add services" tab has been added, which contains the "Service type", "Name", "Provider" filtering parameters and allows mass addition of selected services to the group.

13. If on the page "Advertising — Advertising point groups" for the point group the value of the "Agent" parameter is set and the "With subagents" checkbox is selected, then using the "Add all not added kiosks" checkbox subagent points of all nesting levels will be added.

14. On the "Providers — Providers" page, in the provider editing section, the button for selecting arbitrary service properties has been moved to the right corner of the table.

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