Pay-logic processing update version 5.3.8

New in version 5.3.8:

1. Added section "Agent – Money transfers – Mass creation of money transfers".

Improvements in version 5.3.8:

1. On the page "Directories – Services – Mass change of services" fields "Intended for change" and "Print a separate receipt for change payment" are added.

2. Added the ability to control the mandatory filling of the "Menu profile" parameter using the custom "Menu profile settings" property specified for the point type.

3. Added the ability to filter by type of service in the report "Agent – Agent reward".

4. Added access rules "Agent – Kiosk users – Create" and "Agent – Kiosk users – Delete".

5. Processing of the parameter used by the gateway for integration with the xMNP platform has been added to params.properties, integration with the xMNP gateway has been added.

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