Pay-logic processing update version 5.3.9

1. On the "Monitoring – Kiosk downtime" page, the columns "Downtime by connection", "Periods of downtime", "Total time without downtime" have been added

2. Sections:

  • Kiosks commands
  • Download templates
  • Customer’s payments
  • Regular customer

transferred to the modern PrimeFaces engine

New in Kiosk software version 7.127:

Added the ability to set the payment method from the service settings ("Attribute of the payment method" parameter)

Improvements in Kiosk software version 7.127:

1. Implemented method for assessing whether a face belongs to a real person when working with 3DiVi Face SDK

2. For Paydala interface:

  • added notification when returning a banknote "At the moment, kiosk cannot accept an amount of more than XX tenge"
  • implemented customizable panel with rounded edges

3. For Emanat interface:

  • implemented payment screen with suggestion to add the amount

4. For Mosoblbank interface:

  • fixed bug with the inability to deposit money after interacting with the selector/list screen
  • fixed performance loss for the "selector-field" field of the "selector/list" screen

5. For Expresspay interface:

  • added main-lang-check-help screen with the ability to display QR code on click

New in Agent’s Settlement Point 6.14:

1. Implemented the ability to enable the electronic receipt mode

2. Changed the logic of setting the checkbox "Print receipt":

  • if cash register is connected, then the checkbox "Print receipt" is set by default, and the checkbox itself is inactive, checkbox cannot be removed, command to print a check is given
  • in any other case, the checkbox "Print receipt" is set by default, it can be unchecked, if the checkbox is cleared, the command to print a check will not be issued

Improvements in Agent’s Settlement Point 6.14:

1. For Mosoblbank interface:

Implemented processing of *checkbox-field* in the script

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