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  • Blagoveshchensk, Russia
    During the period when terminal business was actively developing in Russia, being the owner of a payment terminal network in the city of Blagoveshchensk, Simfoniya Ltd. began to rapidly spread its services in Amur Region.
    Due to market conditions and demand, the company in 2010 set the goal of becoming a payment accepting operator in line with FEDERAL LAW NO. 103-FZ “ON THE ACTIVITY OF RECEIVING PAYMENTS FROM NATURAL PERSONS BY PAYMENT AGENTS”.
    After a full-scale study of companies that provide software solutions for payment systems, preference was given to the company Soft-logic. There were so many reasons for this cooperation: Soft-logic offers the possibility of buying the software, its solutions are compatible with Windows and Linux, it offers a wide range of Private Account features especially in the hardware section (thus enabling to minimize physical inspection of hardware). It is easy to use the Private Account– understanding and working with it by do not require technical knowledge, and different persons can use it at the same time. 
    Simfoniya Ltd. expresses its deep gratitude to Soft-logic for its conscientious attitude and mutual understanding, for good working relationship between our two companies, which have developed over the years.
    The emergence of new and competitive products contributes to our company’s development in many respects. Among such products is the Fiscal Server.
    In view of the fact that we are confident in our partner, there are plans for active deployment of a software product for automation of calculations and management of fees for housing and communal services.
    Any of our request and wish as a client to improve the product is carried out by Soft-logic creatively, efficiently and with desire.
    We look forward to a continued successful cooperation between us for the benefit of our common interests, as well as for further increase in our joint activities.

    We wish you and your company success and prosperity!
    General Director,
    Alexander Cherepanov
  • Tula, Russia
    Commercial bank Tula Settlement Center has been using the Pay-logic Processing Center software from Soft-logic for two 2 years now. The number of terminals operating through the processing center has grown steadily and now stands at about 1,000 units. After the Bank of Russia registered Tula Settlement Center as an operator of the payment system “Regional Payment System” (RPS), the bank began the task of expanding its payment services offered to customers.
    Analysis of the electronic payments market showed the outlined tendency of redistribution of payments from terminal networks to online payments and e-banking services. In this regard, the bank decided to develop and deploy the SmartKeeper e-wallet service.
    It took a lot of time to choose an acceptable variant of RPS e-wallet. All the e-wallets of banks and payment systems used in the market were examined. Each of them was analyzed in details and tested in practice. Our analysis showed that the most functional and convenient option was the SmartKeeper e-wallet from Soft-logic. Convenience here is not only about the user because administering the e-wallet is also convenient and easy, which is equally a very important factor. SmartKeeper is compatible and integrates seamlessly with Pay-logic Processing Center. Stable partnership relations with Soft-logic played a role in choosing this e-wallet. Soft-logic has been actively responsive to our suggestions for changes in the software package. This is important because in the process of deploying a new high-tech product, constant contact with the developer will be needed for improvement of that product.
    Thanks to the sophisticated branched administrative part (monitoring), deploying the e-wallet was not that difficult and did not require having specific knowledge of programmers and engineers. Thanks to proper organizational training, work was carried out according to plan, starting from design specification and finishing with test payments.
    Deploying the SmartKeeper e-wallet would enable customers make payments through their home or tablet computers to those same hundreds of providers that are now available from payment terminals. Such a web service enables the RPS payment system offer its services for implementation of major social regional projects in the field of housing, transport, trade, etc.  
    In the fall of 2013, we plan to introduce a mobile application for the SmartKeeper e-wallet for Android and iPhone platforms and a terminal application. These will by the next steps towards expanding our payment services offered to customers of RPS payment system.
    Head of Regional Development Department,
    Alexander Tyurin