Pay-logic Processing Center can be used to receive payments in the bank, run a payment system or simply accept payments using various software and hardware tools.

SmartKeeper is an online payment technological platform that enables to pay for goods and services through various payment methods such as electronic money, credit cards, and payment terminals.

  • full centralized automation of the work of management companies across a city
  • provision of social information to the public about the activities of management companies

SmartStream allows you to consolidate payment flows in one place. It increases the efficiency of service management and brings transaction business rules together in one place.

The fiscal server is a software program used for financial monitoring of transactions for subjects in the System. Participants in the system are payment agents, service providers and fiscal authorities.

Our company sells payment and banking terminals.
Payment terminals are convenient self-service devices for receiving regular cash payments for various services, including the services of mobile network operators, commercial TV, Internet providers, etc.