Mobile Commerce Platform

Payment using mobile phone balance
Soft-logic continues to improve and develop the modern payment systems. Presently, the company’s software engineers have developed a reliable application software called Mobile Commerce Platform. This software works perfectly with the major software solutions of the company, as well as may function independently. Mobile Commerce Platform software allows your customers to make their payment process more comfortable during a transaction. The revolutionary software allows the customers to use their mobile phones to pay for a wide range of products and services, namely charge them directly to an account balance of the cell phone.
This great solution may be especially useful in developing countries. For example, 45% of Russian population have the bankcards, while the number of mobile phones per head is 1.3 units. Therefore, the cashless mobile phone payment is a good alternative to the bank electronic transactions, especially in countries where the banking and payment systems are not well developed.
The largest online retailers, companies and Internet providers can use Mobile Commerce Platform software to receive payments for their products and services. In addition, this software allows launching a payment aggregator service to facilitate electronic transactions between merchants, consumers and various companies and charge them royalties.
The payment process is very simple. Namely, the customer first choses the particular product or service, and then a company representative or a private entity that provides such service offers the customer to use the cashless mobile phone payment option for the products or services, which  charged directly to an account balance of customer’s cell phone.
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After the customer’s confirmation, the company representative enters the mobile phone number of the payer and the purchase price in the Mobile Commerce System on a computer or a mobile device, thereby generating a payment invoice for the customer in the system. Then, the customer (payer) receives to the mobile phone an SMS message within a few seconds containing the information about the purchase and the seller, including the purchase price. Next, the customer offered to accept this invoice for payment and reply to that text message by saying word Yes. If the customer accepts the invoice for payment, the purchase price directly deducted from an account balance of customer’s cell phone and deposited to the account of the seller. After the transaction is successful, the customer receives the SMS confirmation message about the payment transaction. However, if the customer does not receive the SMS confirmation message within a certain time (usually it takes about 5-20 minutes), this Mobile Commerce System automatically deletes this payment invoice. The system offers many different setting options like duration of the SMS confirmation messages, various currencies, languages, and so on.  In addition, this service allows you to run different advertising campaigns for your customers by placing the ad content in the SMS confirmation messages.
Using Mobile Commerce Platform software, you create and offer another safe and convenient method of instant payment for your customers. Soft-logic partners and works with almost all Russian mobile providers. All you need to launch this service just to buy Mobile Commerce Platform software from Soft-logic, and then install it on the server and sign a contract with the mobile provider.