Pay-logic billing center

Billing Center is a complex web service of oriented applications for housing & communal services
  • full centralized automation of the work of management companies across a city
  • provision of social information to the public about the activities of management companies

The software package is meant for organizations providing billing center services. The end-users of the system are:

  • Employees of management companies (for management of their data, issuance of reports, preparation of receipts, etc.)

  • Billing center employees (for management of common standards and tariffs, making settlements, issuing reports to management companies and resource-providing organizations, printing of receipts, etc.)

  • Employees of uniform dispatching service of a billing center or a third-party dispatching service

  • Providers of public services (recipients of reports, recipients of payments)

  • Social security departments and other government authorities relating to the housing sector (recipients of reports, provision of data, calculation of benefits)

  • Payment acceptance agents (through integration with payment systems)

  • User subscribers to the Private Account

  • Centralized data storage and processing. The oracle platform used provides a safe and secure storage, and prevents data loss
  • The application concept allows to centrally maintain uniform tariffs, standards and other data across a city or even a region
  • High performance. Calculation of charges and issuance of reports are carried out fast thanks to the architectural and software solutions applied
  • Scalability. The software allows a single billing center to serve both a few and a large number of organizations across the entire city or region
  • Solving socially significant issues. The software for the portal of management companies solves many issues related to the functioning of management companies, such as provision of information to the public and disclosure of information about its activities. Feedback for organizations and residents

Low load on equipment

Since all applications run on the server, the basic item required by the end user is a browser..

Ease of operation

The accountant's workplace – allows him to work with tenants faster and solve everyday problems more efficiently

  • A database server and an application server that support storage of all the necessary information, perform calculations and data processing, and prepare reports
  • Web application – a workplace for an employee of a management company
  • Web application – a workplace for an employee of a billing center
  • Software for mass printing of receipts in a billing center
  • Software for a billing center portal providing social information to the public about the activities of management companies
  • Software for the service of a subscriber's Private Account
  • Gateways to interface with external systems: payment systems, for integration with software packages of service providers, social security agencies, and other services
  • The billing center software can be used to perform all kinds of calculations in line with the law, while at the same time, maintaining flexibility in adapting calculation methods and ways to customer needs and taking into account established practices
  • The billing center application provides a single system for maintaining shared address database, a single system for management of citywide standards, tariffs, and other directories and their use by all client management companies, with the ability of each organization to keep their own regulatory and reference data
  • A single database allows employees at a billing center to receive consolidated financial statements for all the housing under service
  • The interfacing gateways can be configured to work with almost any payment and processing systems, ranging from banks to terminals and credit card payments
  • The portal of management companies allows client organizations to run their full site, post information (as required by law), maintain a feedback from subscribers, and inform them (for example, about their debts)
  • The Private account meets the needs of a modern subscriber for current information and timely payment through a convenient way – by credit card
The private account of a subscriber is intended for subscribers (tenants) serviced by the billing center of management companies. In the private account, the subscriber is authorized using the information issued to it by an employee of the management company.
  • Viewing the status of their private account and the amount of debts
  • Receiving invoice receipts in electronic form 
  • Paying for housing and communal services through a credit card 
  • Transferring the readings of their meters to the management company
  • Configuring notifications about billing via email or SMS
  • Contacting the servicing organization with a wish or suggestion (feedback)

A management company portal is an effective tool with which a management company can solve a number of important tasks. The management company automatically receives its own page on the portal and can place on it all the information required by law as well as any other information.

  • Informing the public about itself and its successful activities, served homes, tariffs and prices
  • Placement of news
  • Notification of subscribers about their debts and other events
  • Disclosure of information in accordance with the law
  • Placement of the required reporting documents and sending bills for services via email or SMS
  • Contacting the servicing organization with a wish or suggestion (feedback)