Technical support

Technical support from Soft-logic is based on best international practices and guidelines. Three support lines provide high-quality and full answers to questions from customers within established deadlines. The professionalism and expertise of Soft-logic technicians and fully optimized processes using the Redmine software are a guarantee to high quality service and technical support. The automated key performance indicators described below, which are an integral part of the quality management system allow to achieve the highest customer satisfaction level.

Technical support packages

Services Basic Business Premium
Access to the technical support portal (the main communication tool)
Provision of critical updates (patches)
Consultations via e-mail Response within 16 working hours/td> Response within 8 working hours/td> Response within 4 working hours
Consultations by phone × Response within 8 working hours Response within 4 working hours
Personal support manager and a developer × ×
Updating of versions Within a sub-version Within a sub-version
Development of additional software modules 15 hours/month 40 hours/month 120 hours/month

Additional conditions

  • Buying a support package is required
  • A technical support contract is signed for a term of at least one year
  • Payment for technical support is made monthly or for a year ahead
  • All consultations are provided to persons representing the customer as specified in the contract
  • Updating of versions means free provision of license for updating of a product version and does not include extra work (other than consulting services) that can be associated with this
  • Consultations on all matters not included in the technical support (such as setting up computer networks, operating systems, etc.) are not included in the support packages, except as otherwise provided in the technical support contract