Developments for payment systems

  • Adaptation of an existing complex to customer requirements
  • Development of a unique functionality
  • Creation of products integrated with other systems and powered by Pay-logic standard solutions

Developments for self-service systems

  • Development of software for payment terminals 
  • Development of software for ticketing terminals
  • Development of software for vending machines
  • Development of software for automatic currency exchangers
  • Electronic cashier (retail trade automation)

Developments for online payments

  • Development of payment solutions for online business
  • Development of online banking systems
  • Development of Internet banking
  • Development of mobile wallets (IOS and Android)

Developments for automation of housing and communal services

  • Portals of management companies
  • Resident’s private account
  • Automation of charges (regulatory framework)
  • Integration with instant payment systems

Creation of complex information systems

Our company is ready to develop information systems of any complexity. The competence of our staff allows us to create flexible and scalable solutions. Our company’s consultants have expertise in the financial, retail, telecommunications, and banking sectors. They have a good command of the subject area and knowledge of specifics.

If you want to automate a particular business, we can help you put together the system requirements, design a solution and implement it to become a finished commercial product.