SmartKeeper e-wallet system

A platform for accepting online payments

SmartKeeper is an online payment technological platform that enables to pay for goods and services through various payment methods such as electronic money, credit cards, and payment terminals.

SmartKeeper platform can be used by commercial organizations and banks to build effective solutions for accepting online payments.
Offer your customers with a new convenient way of paying for goods and services, issue invoices for payment, and give your customers the opportunity to manage their bank accounts.
Connect SmartKeeper to your information system or to Pay-logic Processing Center and start generating profits through a new sales channel.

Your clients can use any methods convenient for them to make payments. To ensure the safety of your customers, you can set limits on operations (daily or monthly limits), and use static or dynamic intelligent payment processing rules

Means of payment

  • Electronic money
  • Credit cards VISA and MASTERCARD
  • Personal accounts with mobile operators MTS, Beeline, Megafon
  • Bank accounts (Internet banking)
 Commission rules for withdrawal of funds from the system have numerous settings such as for interest rate, fixed rate, and combined rules.

With SmartKeeper, you can easily withdraw money to other e-wallets or systems:

  • Withdrawal of money to a bank card;
  • Withdrawal of money to virtual VISA card;
  • Withdrawal of money to other wallet in the system;
  • Withdrawal of money via money transfer system CONTACT or other system.

Our company's experts paid great attention to the interface of the application, and the main emphasis was placed on ease of use.

SmartKeeper allows for functional navigation by groups of services. You can also search for services by name and tax reference number of a particular organization. Contextual clues and checking of details entered will help even the inexperienced customers to use the service efficiently.

Your customers will always be able to view the history of payments that contains all the information on payments made, details and status of payments.


For user convenience, we have developed a payment template function. Now the most frequent payments can be saved as a template. This option is available when creating a payment and at any other time.

Auto payments

In addition, users can create regular payments that will be made automatically at a time specified by the user. An advantage here is that you have transparent statements of cash flow in one's wallet.
For your customers’ convenience, we offer mobile clients to access our online payment platform SmartKeeper. You obtain access to payments, templates, and auto payments. You can now create and edit payments, view reports, and obtain news about the system. With the mobile version of SmartKeeper, it is now easy and simple to manage payments at any place and time!