Vending and payment terminal SLT-18

Vending and payment terminal SLT-18

The three-in-one SLT-18 terminal is a vending machine for the sale of mobile communication starter packs. It also serves as a payment and information terminal. This terminal is adapted for sale of CD/DVD with music, movies, information and presentation discs.
The SLT-18 terminal has many features both as a payment terminal (it can be used to pay for mobile communication services and for the Internet) and as an information terminal (for acquaintance with necessary information).

The terminal is simple and easy to use. It is of high quality and perfect visual appearance. It will certainly meet all your expectations.
This terminal is best placed at major shopping and business centers, museums, train stations, airports, supermarkets, hotels and other public places. These terminals are floor-standing and are equipped with one or two monitors. SLT-18 terminals are available both with one and two monitors. They have a modern design.

Specifications Description

Type of terminal

A floor-standing terminal

Number of monitors

1 or 2


A cash acceptor, a printer and a modem in three package options

Supply voltage, V/Hz


Dimensions (WxHxD), mm

700x1500(1972)x580 mm

Weight, kg

120 kg


Intel Celeron (2,8 GHz)


Gigabyte GA - G31M-ES2L

RAM (1 GB)

Samsung, Transcend, Kingston, TakeMS

Hard disk

Barracuda 160 Gb

Power supply unit ATX 350W

Chieftec GPS-350EB-101A

Monitor (main monitor)


Cash acceptor

CashCode MCM 1000


infrared, 19”


RS232 2xDB9 Moschip 9835


Mustek PowerMus 600 USB

Power supply unit

MeanWell (24V, 4A)

Speakers and a paper end sensor