SLT-17 terminal for financial institutions

Main advantages

  • Can work with various types of plastic cards.

  • Presence of a barcode reader.

  • Different types of promotional and informational opportunities.

  • The body of the terminal has an enhanced anti-vandal design.

  • The payment terminal can be branded.

  • Ease of maintenance and cash collection.

  • Can work with different payment systems. 

SLT-17 terminal for financial institutions

Our company offers single-monitor and dual-monitor SLT-17 payment terminals for financial institutions. This is a self-service payment terminal for customers of financial institutions. The terminal can be used for cash and non-cash payments, and banking operations. It is used to read bar codes, display all sorts of information, including advertising, and issue checks. SLT-17 are floor-standing terminals.

Specifications Description

Type of terminal

A floor-standing payment terminal

Number of monitors

1 or 2


A cash acceptor, a printer and a modem in three package options

Supply voltage, V/Hz


Dimensions (WxHxD), mm

700x1500(1972)x580 mm

Weight, kg

120 kg (with a safe)


Intel® Celeron® M 1GHz, zero L2 cache


Kontron KEMX-2010 ( Intel® 910GMLE/ ICH6M chipset)

RAM (1 GB)

Samsung, Transcend, Kingston, TakeMS

Hard disk

Solid-state Compact Flash 4Gb Transcend (133X)

Power supply unit ATX 350W

Chieftec GPS-350EB-101A

Monitor (main monitor)

LG L1734S-BN

Monitor (optional monitor)


Touchscreen 17”

Elo SAW 17”


RS232 2xDB9 Moschip 9835

PIN pad

OVER ЕРР рус., Visa Pad (Italy)

Card reader


Barcode reader

Zibex A-50


Riello IDP 60 (600 VA)

Power supply unit

Chieftec 350W

Open sensor (2 pcs.)

Switch – mini (BS1010) (trailer), two positions 1

Speakers and a paper end sensor