To payment systems

We offer two options on how to use Pay-logic Processing Center: you can either buy the software or rent it;

Using any of these options depends on the scale of your project, budget size, and the country in which you want to deploy the system. Our experts are ready to provide you with comprehensive advice that would enable you make the right choice.


This option is most suitable if you plan to connect unlimited number of terminals to Pay-logic Processing Center. Buying the software is ideal for payment systems that have over 100 terminals, for companies starting their business overseas, and for banks.

The software package includes:

- Automated payment processing;

- A server for monitoring, managing and processing terminal network payments;

- Software for terminals;

- An agent workplace controlled by desktop application;

- An agent workplace controlled by java application;

- Mobile monitoring;

- Software for accepting payments via mobile phones;

- Software for smartphones;

- All the previously developed gateways to service providers;

- An interface to receive payments from External Payment Systems;

The software package support includes:

- Mandatory annual technical support (for a fee based on a tariff plan);

- Correction of errors found, integration of new hardware;

- Software updating;

- Integration of the interface into the payment terminal software;


This software delivery option is suitable primarily for small companies that see the need to use professional software to process their payments, but are not ready to invest heavily in the first stage.

The delivery option is not different from the purchase option. The only difference is that the customer pays for the use of the software every month. Moreover, the rate of rent increases as the network system grows.

The software is installed and configured on the customer's server. Other necessary improvements to the software are performed for a fee based on the requirements specification agreed.