What is more profitable: Smartix self-checkouts or staff?
Self-service checkouts with functional Smartix software allow to fully compete with a human employee and the device cost is lower at several times
Smartix company presents dedicated website about parcel locker’s solutions
Smartix specialists announcing dedicated website smart-locker.io containing information on the control system for parcel and storage lockers under the Smartix brand
Pay-logic processing update version 5.1.8
Description of Pay-logic processing center software update 5.1.8
Smartix self-checkouts: influence of interfaces on the solution efficiency
Smartix specialists pay great attention to all aspects of customer interaction with interface and convenience when using Smartix self-checkouts
Flexible closure of cash registers and POS terminals for Smartix self-service checkouts
Now the cash register owner can choose different logic for working with cash register shifts
Smartix self-checkout support of sale 18+ products
Entire self-service process at the checkout is saved without the participation of cashiers and only at the last stage if there are 18+ goods, the employee's only one simple participation is required
Pay-logic processing update version 5.1.7
Description of Pay-logic processing center software update 5.1.7
Industrial vending based on Smartix lockers
We are announcing a new functionalily of Smartix parcel lockers for industrial vending — automation of storage, dispense and accounting of any things and equipment for employees
Pay-logic processing update version 5.1.6
Description of Pay-logic processing center software update 5.1.6

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