Parking payment kiosks

Our company offers:
A complete hardware-software solution including a self-service kiosk and a specialized software
A supply of specialized software for the customer’s existing equipment, with possibility of adaptation and customization, as well as software development from scratch
Key benefits for parking automation
Improved speed and quality of service
Reduction of staff costs
All functionality is in one device as it is possible to implement the work of the barrier gates in the self-service kiosk
Use of RFID cards, tickets, barcodes, tokens, dispense of prepaid cards
A promo functionality - coupons dispense, one-time free entry
Integration with third-party information systems
Business goal

An automated parking system on the basis of a self-service kiosk or a parking automated payment machine makes it possible to combine different elements - barrier gates, an automated cash desk, a parking ticket machine in one device.

At the same time due to the flexible software our parking payment kiosks can be an independent, effective solution for both small and medium-sized parking lots as well as a part of a large system that combines a tracking system for monitoring free parking places, a parking navigation system, video monitoring and a license plate recognition.

Standard application
An entrance payment without
time tracking
Process description:
A driver drives up to a self-service kiosk with barrier gates, pays for the entry with a bank card or in cash, gets a receipt with a barcode and parks the car. When he leaves, he needs to take receipt to the kiosk scanner and then leave the parking lot.
An interface example:
An exit payment with
time tracking
Process description:

A driver receives a ticket at the entrance through a parking ticket machine. An external parking system keeps track of parking time and transfers data to a self-service kiosk system about the cost of parking at exit. A driver brings a barcode close to a scanner and a parking payment kiosk will show the time of entry, exit and the amount of payment at the screen.

If a parking ticket with a barcode is lost, it is possible to search for the information about the car parking time by its registration plate. If a self-service kiosk is connected to a license plate recognition camera system, a driver can check the his car photos in order to avoid mistakes when paying for the parking.

An interface example:
Coupons and one-time passes
Process description:
A kiosk allows to scan one-time passes or discount coupons based on QR codes that offer discounts at exit or make a temporary parking completely free. For example, this scenario allows to organize a different parking price list for residents and guests of the residential complex or a free enter and exit for public utilities, taxis, couriers.
Building complex systems
Process description:

A flexible pricing is possible as various tariff levels (rising/falling price per hour) and zones (various price category of parking places) can be used to reduce or eliminate non-targeted visitors, a special parking system can be created for visitors taking into account the time of the day - a day/evening/night parking.

The solution allows to connect any third-party identification and tracking systems for a vehicle entry, set up tariff calculation algorithms, taking into account certain features when billing - a size of the car, a customer personal data, numbers/letters at a license plate, a parking frequency, etc.

The collaboration
with the developers and integrators
of automatic parking systems

We are always interested in cooperation with companies involved in the development and implementation of solutions in related areas. If you are interested in our software development for parking machines and payment kiosks or are ready for a hardware-software solution, please, contact us!

The final product which will be include the cooperation of our technologies in the field of payment acceptance and your developments in the field of specialized parking automation systems can find strong customer’s demand.

Application areas
Shopping malls
Business centers
Residential complexes, hotels
Airports, railway stations
Sports facilities
Cultural and leisure complexes
Intercepting parkings
Any high traffic areas
Payment systems
Software features and integration with various peripherals allows:
To accept cash, coins
To dispense change, to transfer change to a mobile phone account
To use the account with a top up functionality at the kiosk
To accept bank cards
To accept and dispense tokens, RFID cards
To pay via mobile services
To pay via e-wallets
Integration options
Our solution easily integrates with the customer's accounting system through the REST-API.
Technical monitoring
System includes a technical monitoring module and an emergency alert module. A customer can monitor a kiosk's current status (bill dispenser, bill acceptor, coin acceptor, receipt printer) in real time, receive notifications about technical problems via SMS/E-mail/Telegram and promptly respond to it. Solution also has mobile application for monitoring and control of parking payment kiosks network.
Update system
A built-in update system allows to quickly make any changes at software and upload it to the kiosks according to the planned schedule.
Software acquisition
Taking into account the scale of automation, size of the business and the ultimate goal of the solution, it is possible:
To purchase a software license
To use cloud software monthly or by an annual subscription
Solution refinements
Standard refinements for customer solutions include:
A combined control of barrier gates and a payment kiosk into a single system; a turnkey solution for small parking lots
A payment interface branding in corporate colors or using a white label concept
The integration of the device system within the customer's accounting system
An advertising banners development
An adjusting payment scenario for specific business requirements
A combined self-service kiosk with a vending machine to sell snacks, coffee, or dispense them as a change after the parking payment
Adaptation to a new currency and language, including the creation of multilingual interfaces
Development of an individual design for each screen, creation of different business logic and behavior models for users via interface
Any software modifications are possible at the customer’s request!
Development of integrated
parking automation systems

Our company has been developing complex high-load applications since 2008 and can offer a complete development of information system for parking, including:

  • A back office development
  • A full-featured accounting system
  • A mobile application development
  • Organizing a custom access control system

Supply of a turnkey
hardware-software solution
Thanks to long-term work experience in the payment software market we have established strong partnerships with reliable equipment manufacturers and we are ready to offer a complete solution in the format software + self-service kiosks for parking automation solutions
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