Smartix e-queue: running line feature

Smartix electronic queue now supports the running line functionality. Refinement allows to share any information with visitors and customers even before they interact with the system or receive services.

In the advertising section of the Smartix back office there is ability to create playlist that contains custom messages for running line. The system sequentially displays created texts on the screen, allows to select the display period, sorting order, output frequency and playback duration. The electronic display service analyzes and correlates the length of the message with the screen. Depending on the diagonal of the display, the message is displayed as a static text or in a crawling line format for texts of any length.

Playlists with texts are attached to groups of points, each of which combines various electronic displays. Therefore text message can be displayed in a certain segment of the electronic displays or on single devices.

Running line functionality effectively solves the task of informing customers about various events, and can be used as an addition to interactive advertising. A flexible set of settings allows to achieve the rotation required by the customer on any electronic display within the Smartix electronic queue. If necessary, specialists can modify the existing functionality at request.

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